Oil Fields

* Reservoir and Oilfield Modeling * Real-time optimization

* Fracking Environmental Protection* Environmental solutions

Orr & Associates focuses on

(a) analysis and interpretation (perception) of data;
(b) building models (of the system) defining cause-effect relationships, and thus, able to predict;
(c) improving the system, finding the best mode of operation for a given goal or set of goals;

The models are thus goal-oriented; they are either data-driven or physically-based, or both.

Complex systems (with systems of systems) may include many linked models. Orr & Associates' expertise is in identifying, using, and building the best models and predictive tools for a particular system with particular goals (including conflicting objectives), and performing continual (real-time) optimization (e.g., finding best well locations and schedules and/or best system configuration).

Risk Assessment

* From uncertainty to RA* Monte Carlo Simulations* Fuzzy Numbers and FL* Decision-Making

Orr & Associates

Optimal solutioNS


​Increasing efficiency in real time through knowledge and advanced computing​


* Geostatistics* Stochastic analyses  * Machine learning * Data mining

* Modeling


* Water management

* Heap Leach and In-Situ

* Dewatering

* Closure & Remediation

  • Intelligent Control Systems - from Big data to modeling, optimization, and autonomous control
    Real time decision-making under uncertainty and risk

  • Hydrogeology - from site characterization to 3D modeling

  • Mining - Optimal water management and leaching processes 

  • Environmental assessment, monitoring, and remediation

  • Risk Assessment and Decision Making

  • Control and optimization of complex water systems (storage, supply, water treatment, and associated power supply)

  • Intelligent Oil Fields - from production to water management

  • Intelligent financial planning 

  • Intelligent Fab control

  • Autonomous project management