Robert Finkelstein 

Years of experience: 40 

Associate & Chief Adviser

Dr. Finkelstein  is a renowned scientist in the area of  unmanned vehicles, intelligent systems, and combat robotics. He is the founder of Robotic Technology Inc.:

Meg Barker

Years of experience: 30

Associate Strategist

Ms. Barker, BSc., M.A., is a science and technology (S&T) management consultant who has provided expertise in planning, implementation and evaluation to many of Canada's federal government S&T funding agencies and departments. She has assembled and led national and international virtual teams for a range of S&T initiatives. Currently she is operating a start-up that assists S&T professionals to work more effectively on-line. 

Orr & Associates

Our associates are leading experts in different disciplines of science and engineering  

A partial list includes 

Joel Malard

Years of experience: 25
Associate Computer Scientist

Dr. Malard's expertise includes R&D in numerical methods, advanced statistical analysis, and parallel (super) computing.

Remigio H. Galarraga-Sanchez

Years of experience: 36
Associate Hydrologist/Engineer

Dr. Galarraga-Sanchez's extensive experience in hydrology and civil engineering includes surface and groundwater hydrology, remote sensing, water resources engineering, hydraulics, climate change, and disaster prevention engineering.

Matthew Cohen

Years of experience: 20
Associate Hydrogeologist

Matthew Cohen is a professional hydrogeologist with over twenty years of experience in environmental consulting and academia in North-, South-, and Central- America.

Stephane Ngueleu

Years of experience: 7
Associate Hydrogeologist

Dr. Ngueleu's expertise includes aquifer testing and modeling of groundwater flow, surface water flow, contaminant and colloid transport, groundwater – surface water interactions, and water seepage through geotechnical structures.

Sally Hanearin

Years of experience: 22
Associate Oil-Sand Operations

With B.Sc., MBA, and P.Chem. RET,  Ms. Henearin's rich experience includes process engineering, plant operation and facility optimization, water treatment & recycle, corrosion mitigation & control, environmental monitoring & evaluation/troubleshooting  (water & air), air dispersion modelling, and material/production balances for business and regulatory reporting.